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Nutrition Programs
Hormone Balance Program:
Indicated for women with estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, fibroids, unexplained weight gain, PMS, irregular hormone levels, infertility. 6 Week Program Includes:
  • 2 week liver detox program
  • 2 week gut health fix
  • 4 nutrition counseling sessions (2- hour, 2- 30 minute sessions)
  • Access health coaching Mbody- 360, meal guide, grocery list, 24 hour support
  • Supplement/herbal guide 
  • Post detox plan for success
Disease Management MNT 1:1 Sessions and Nutrition Counseling

Individual sessions can be 60 minutes or 30 minute to address a specific disease state or nutrition counseling for ongoing support.  Nutrition counseling utilizes motivational interviewing and mindful eating principles rooted in HAES.

  • 60 or 30 minute nutrition consultations
  • Meal guide and unlimited online resources
  • Heart disease, diabetes, type I/II
  • Disordered eating patterns
  • Ongoing support


Jump-Start Fat Loss Program: 

Jump start fat loss by resetting your body. Maintain the fat loss by addressing the physical, mental, and environmental root causes. Stop focusing on the scale, focus on feeling energized and results will follow! 6 week program includes:

  • 2 week sugar detox program
  • 3 week gut fix program
  • 4 nutrition counseling sessions
  • Access health coaching Mbody- 360, meal guide, grocery list, 24 hour support
  • Supplement/herbal guide 
  • Post jump start plan for success

Often times weight gain, digestive issues, mood disturbances, and fatigue are all signs that something is not working right in your body. Nutrition programs are designed to heal hormonal imbalances and the gut through food and herbal medicine. The next step is to build a long term nutrition plan that works for your unique biology and lifestyle!

Physical: Symptoms questionnaire and lab testing (food sensitivity, blood panel hormone test, saliva test cortisol curve)
What is your body telling you?

Emotional and Environmental
Why did this imbalance occur?


6- week nutrition program designed to reset hormones or gut health. Meal plan, coaching, recipes, grocery list, herbal and dietary recommendations, access HIPPA compliant food tracking software.
What nutrition therapy is necessary?

Maintenance and Monitoring

Ongoing nutrition coaching and behavior change to a find long term diet that works for you!
What is needed to solve the root problem so these imbalances do not occur again?