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Nutrition Programs
Hormone Disorders:
Indicated for women with estrogen dominance, diabetes, hypothyroidism, fibroids, PCOS, and infertility.
  • Decreasing toxic load, gut health log
  • 4 nutrition counseling sessions
  • Supplement/herbal guide 
  • Gut journal
Disease Management MNT 1:1 Sessions and Nutrition Counseling

Individual sessions can be 60 minutes or 30 minute to address a specific disease state or nutrition counseling for ongoing support.  Nutrition counseling utilizes motivational interviewing and intuitive eating rooted in HAES.

  • 60 or 30 minute nutrition consultations
  • Heart disease, diabetes, type I/II
  • Disordered eating patterns
  • Ongoing support


Gut Disorders: 

Improve your mind body connection; address the physical, mental, and environmental root causes of gut dysbiosis. Indicated for IBS, Crohns, Anxiety/Depression, disordered eating, chronic gut issues. Program includes:

  • Gut fix (gut hypnosis or elimination diet)
  • 4 nutrition counseling sessions
  • Gut journal
  • Supplement/herbal guide 

Learn how to manage your chronic condition with food and herbal medicine; one that fits your unique biology and lifestyle.

Physical: Symptoms questionnaire, lab testing, nutrition history
What is your body telling you?


Designed to figure out a diet that allows you to best manage your condition through food and live your best life!Nutrition counseling, herbal remedies, manage stress, medical nutrition therapy
What nutrition therapy is necessary?


Ongoing nutrition counseling and behavior change to help alleviate the mental burden diet culture places on you. Freedom from food rules, yo-yo dieting, and oppressive body image ideals. Learn to listen to your body and intuitive self. Counseling rooted in intuitive eating principles and MI behavior change.